your walls into
gardens with
vertical modules

Módulo Jardín vertical ESPORA

The first vertical garden system that transforms spaces and hardly needs any maintenance

Espora’s modular vertical organic garden system marks a before and after in the creation of green indoor spaces.

Your effortless,
vertical indoor

Espora modules are easy and quick to install without any specialist knowledge.

torretes ESPORA

Guaranteed water
savings of 40%

Allows fertilisation
to be added

Brings moisture
to the environment

Suitable for both
indoor and outdoor growing

irrigation system

capilaritat ESPORA

Individual irrigation
through capillaries

The modules consist of two pots, one contains water (water tank) and the other soil (pot). Through capillary action, the necessary water is supplied through a cord to keep the soil moist.

grupo 15 ESPORA
grupo 16 ESPORA
grupo 17 ESPORA
Group 11 ESPORA

chain irrigation

Irrigation of the entire system is automated through a pump and timer that supply water to each of the pots at a predetermined time and period, ensuring that the plants are always in the best condition.

We help you create
the best garden for your home

If you want a decorative garden, or you are looking for an olfactory or culinary garden, we have the best experts to advise you and recommend what will work best for your space.