The first irrigation
system that improves
your garden, with you
and the planet in mind

city garden ESPORA

Smart irrigation with
alarms and real-time control

The ESPORA smart irrigation system uses the most advanced technologies to manage water more efficiently, resulting in gardens that are better cared for and more productive.

Guaranteed savings of 40%
in water consumption

We evaluate your garden’s conditions and characteristics using humidity sensors, a special computer application and climatology study. This allows us to calculate the optimal amount of water your garden needs and the times it needs, obtaining water savings of up to 40% .

Automated daily
irrigation process

esquema riego ESPORA


  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Solar Radiation


  • Ground plan and irrigation points
  • Humidity charts
  • Daily water consumption graphs
  • Programmed irrigation time
  • Irrigation control from mobile phone


The Espora irrigation system can set alarms for humidity levels, system breakages or water use above what was expected.

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