building ESPORA

The ultimate modular system
for installing green roofs
and vertical gardens.

ESPORA marks a before and after in the installation of green surfaces in buildings.

The sobriety and simplicity of ESPORA’s designs make it the most accessible system on the market for architects, gardeners, landscape planners and builders who want to develop a project with a positive environmental impact.

the ultimate
choice for
green space

Ease of installation: The ESPORA modular system does not require prior preparation or particular expertise for its installation. This leads to a reduction in installation time of up to 15 minutes compared to the solutions currently available on the market.

Low cost and maintenance: The ease of installation translates into low labour cost, in addition to the product’s competitive price. At the same time, ESPORA is the only system on the market that incorporates integrated irrigation, so it does not require constant and difficult maintenance.

Adaptability: The features of ESPORA’s modular system allow it to adapt to all types of surfaces, allowing both curves and wiring installation, and offering an impact resistance of 1.5 tonnes per square metre.

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Fosters urban


air quality

rainwater better

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green spaces in cities

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