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The cities of tomorrow
will embrace nature
as part of themselves

Espora is the solution to the environmental challenges of today’s cities. The most affordable system for creating a new urban biodiversity layer that can mitigate pollution, lower temperatures, and multiply urban ecosystem diversity..

Thanks to its simplicity and scalability, ESPORA is the most advanced solution today for spreading a new urban green layer to increase city sustainability and improve the welfare of inhabitants.

Discover 5 solutions
to increase the green area
of a city.

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The greatest facilitator for spreading urban green spaces

Due to its ease of installation and maintenance, ESPORA is the most viable choice to cover almost all types of city roofs to deal with the issue of land scarcity in the creation of green spaces.

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8 benefits of
green roof installation

5 reasons to work
for an urban green
space systems

Fosters urban


air quality

rainwater better

Consider Espora for your
next urban planning project