The most advanced
for green roofs
and floors

soluciones ESPORA
Park royal ESPORA

green roof, garden
and technical floor

With the lowest maintenance cost on the market, Espora modules represent a before and after in urban green space technologies.

takes 18 minutes
per square metre

Espora modules are easy and quick to install without any specialist knowledge.

Up to 1.5 tonnes supported per square metre

sistema modular ESPORA
curves ESPORA

Allows bends

90° concavity and 11° convexity

Green Roofs Water Sysyem ESPORA

Integrated aeration and drainage system

Side holes to aerate the substrate and base holes to drain the substrate

Green Roofs Water Sysyem ESPORA

Irrigation system settings

Easy installation, overcoming pipe roll bends

on roofs

Isolates the building
from temperature
changes and
protects the roof

Does not
require complex

urban wellbeing

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Adapts to any surface and intelligently adjusts irrigation

Espora’s modular system allows it to adapt to any surface, allowing each one to be treated with different irrigation needs.

If an area has more hours of sunshine or complex slopes, or grows plants that require greater care, the Espora modules and irrigation can isolate them to provide their specific needs.

System components

Planting: Espora is suitable for a wide range of plants, depending on the needs and functionality required for the roof: grass, shrubs, natural meadow, perennial plants, green vegetables, etc.

Substrate: Supports different commercial substrate formulas depending on the type of plant chosen. Depth from 5 cm.

Smart IoT irrigation systems:
1. Buried irrigation drip. 16 mm piping, with auto-compensating integrated drippers every 30 cm (4 drippers per module are enough to maintain the humidity of the entire substrate). 2. Diffuser irrigation: can be installed by means of a pipe under the Espora module with surface exits at pre-designed points.

Geotextile sheet: The alveoli at the bottom of the Espora module incorporates geotextile sheets that allow the substrate to be separated from the water tanks.

Expanded clay gravel: Fills the water tanks and leaves water available for plant roots through the geotextile sheet.

Espora Module: Made of recycled high-density polystyrene. Measurements L/W/H: 60 x 30 x 11 cm. Water tanks that accumulate up to 3.6 litres per square metre. Drain holes in the base. Side holes for aerating the substrate. External space between legs with enough room for passage of pipes before or after the green roof’s installation.