Espora and acoustical / thermal environment

Green roofs not only contribute to the insulation of facilities -indoors to outdoors or outdoors to indoors- but also can absorb urban noise pollution.

In this sense, they contribute to urban well being by reducing both outdoor noise -traffic or aircraft noise- and the noise produced by indoor activities.

We can highlight several peculiarities of the Espora module and they are available in the follow link.



Green roofs not only contribute to the insulation of different buildings, but also can modify room temperature significantly in cities.

In this sense, they mitigate the urban heat island effect, during the daytime and at night, improving the well-being of its citizens.

Thermal behavior of the Espora module varies depending on:
• the amount and type of substrate
• the substrate’s humidity
• the type and state of vegetation
• the air chamber ventilation
• contextual hygrothermal conditions

For more detailed information on the thermal environment of the Espora module, we have the following link.