Maranta ESPORA

Meet the Maranta, the plant of the month for March

Today we'd like to talk about the MARANTA, a plant that comes from the tropical jungles of South America. Due to its origin, it requires high temperatures, humid environments and semi-shade exposure, making it the perfect indoor plant for our latitudes.

It fills the house with life indoors!

As we have said, the Maranta is an ideal indoor plant that forms thick leaves as it grows. Its dense foliage makes it a perfect plant for creating vertical gardens. In addition, it stands out for its colourful leaves, with reddish lines and tones that change depending the light, making it a beautiful plant.

Maranta ESPORA

We used it in our last Epora Vertical Organic Garden installation in a co-working space. The result was spectacular.

In this case, it was combined with Aspidistra, wooden hexagons, and mirrors that created an attractive set of textures and reflections along the staircase.

Humidity, the strong point of the Maranta

Since it is an indoor plant, the Maranta needs to be protected from direct sunlight but it can be kept in a bright area.

It also must be kept away from radiators and stoves which dry out the environment and damage the plant's leaves. It needs daily watering, especially in the hottest months, but in controlled amounts because it can also be damaged by too much humidity.

Maranta ESPORA

A good solution is the Espora organic module auto-watering pot. It ensures a constant humidity at the roots, since they only take the amount of water they need. Vertical garden watering can thus generate large savings in water consumption.

The ambient temperature is another important aspect to consider for its care. The most optimal temperature is between 15 and 25°C, although they can also live between 10 and 30°C. We recommend that you fertilise it with a liquid fertilizer once a month during the growing season that takes place from spring until the end of summer.